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Expert Lecture

Topic Name : Waste water treatment
Expert Name : Dr. Arvindkumar Mungray
Audience : 6th & 8th Semester student

The expert lecture was organized to understand the waste water treatment process. The methods that can be used for the treatment of the water or waste water from the chemical industries was described in brief. 

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Topic Name : Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering
Expert Name : Prof. Williams J. Koshy
Audians : 3rd & 5th Semester student

The expert Prof. William Koshy, form VVP Rajkot was invited for the expert lecture. The lecture was regarding the basic concept of chemical engineering and the importance of mass transfer in chemical industries. The mass transfer operation is very important for chemical reaction to take place. In short, the lecture was very useful to understand the concept of mass transfer and chemical engineering. 

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Topic Name : Implementation of Advanced Process Control in Chemical Industries
Expert Name : Prof. Vaishali Umrigar
Audians : 5th semester student

The lecture regarding the Advanced process control was organized to get the brief idea about the various control systems used in the industries. Expert Prof. Vaishali Umrigar, Assistant Prof. from SCET, Surat was invited for the lecture.  In the lecture,  the control systems such PI, PID, PD etc. were explained and their uses in the chemical industries were also given. In short the expert lecture was knowledgeable and worthful.

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Topic Name : Basic of Distilation
Expert Name : Mr. Bhavin Shah
Audians : 6 & 8 semester students

The expert lecture was organized regarding the basic details about the distillation column. Mr. Bhavin Shah, from Essar Oil Ltd., Jamnagar, deputy manager of the company was invited for the lecture. The operation of distillation column, types of trays, its efficiency all basic details were provided in this session. In short, the lecture was very knowledgeable.

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