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Topic Name : Importance of Process Calculation in Chemical Industries
Expert Name : Prof.B.I. Bhatt sir, Prof. Parin Shah
Audians : All students of Department of Chemical Engineering department

The workshop is organized for getting insight of Growing & Smoothness of Process calculation, Awareness of Energy saving Opportunity in Pumping System and Concept of Azeotropic Distillation.

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Topic Name : Design of Experiment Using Taguchi Method and Artificial Neural Network
Expert Name : Dr. Meghal Desai,Dr. Sanjay Patel, Prof. Sagar Kapadia
Audians : 7th semester

A workshop was organized to get the knowledge about the various methods used for the performance of the experiment. One of this is the taguchi method which gives us the idea about how and in which way the experiment should be performed. The artificial neural network is also the one of the method for this purpose. The experts from the SVNIT were invited for this lecture.

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