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Nowadays we are dependent on our mobile phones, if we forget the phone the phone at home or office or somewhere else it seems we have lost a limb. That time we think that it would be good to access our mobile remotely like the web browser.

The application like RAMA(Remote access for Mobile), instead of accessing computer remotely we can access mobile remotely. The main focus is to access mobile remotely using another OS. Remotely accessing mobile phone also include accessing lost or stolen mobile phones.

     Pulse Cardio in daily life is an important means of treating heart disease. To make it easier for   the medical to monitor the ECG of their patients outside the hospital, we designed and                 developed aPulse Cardio applicationand alarming   system based on Android smart phone. In    our system, an camera of the android phone is used to obtain   the heart beat rate using the color of the blood by focusing light (using flash light of phone).

The device collects the ECG signal and transmits it to an Android phone. Then the image being captured is used to determine the heart beat of the patient using the application. Here different range of heart beat and their relative diseases are being mentioned, which will detect the heart beat of the person and provide the relevant disease the person might be suffering related to heart.

This app will be accurate about 85 - 90% correct to its result. Once received, AS push the messages to doctors’ phone, so the doctors could see the ECG images and alarm details on their mobile phone. In our system, high resolution ECG pictures are transmitted to doctors’ phone in a user-friendly way, which can help doctors keep track of their patient’s condition easily.

     One touch android application was created in which users can communicate over wifi without     any software.

     Where users can replicate devices also. Further they can send/Receive messages, Images.        

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