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Faculty Achievement

1) Prof. Mohammed Firdos Alam Sheikh has published a book titled “Improving Web Security by Blocking SQL Injection Attack(SQLIA) using Prepared statement and stored procedure in Lap Lambert Academic publication in 2012.

2) Along with student Prof. Nainesh Nagekar has published a paper titled "AON: A Survey on Emergency Communication Systems during a Catastrophic Disaster" at 7th International Conference on Advances in Computing & Communications, ICACC-2017, 22-24 August 2017, Cochin, India, Published by Elsevier publication.

3) The GTU Project guided by Prof. Dhaval Jadhav selected among top 10 best GTU projects at DEWANG MEHTA IT AWARDS in association with NASSCOM in 2015.

4) Under the guidance of Prof. Nainesh Nagekar and Prof. Pinal Salot two studnets have secured 1st position in paper presentation event and best paper award at 14th ISTE annual student Convention held at SCET, Surat.




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